Get acquainted with the tools of the trade.


Personal Armament

  • あなたは最新鋭の兵器テクノロジーと人間工学に基づく、load-bearing装備と先進的な防御装具を装備できる。
  • 幅広い作戦に対応できるパーソナルウエポン:ハンドガン、ultramodern assault and sniper rifles、機関銃、ミサイルランチャといくつかの試作武器。
  • 多くあるガジェットは、あなたに戦場で大きなアドバンテージを与えてくれだろう。また 爆発物は  数の上で優勢な敵との戦いであなたに必要なエッジを与えてくれるだろう。
  • あなたはミッションに合う装備を選択する、ユニフォームを選択し、装備可能容量とプロテクションの重量のバランスを保つ。

Soft Vehicles

  • Expect to use the abundance of soft vehicles. Drive anything from motorbikes and quadbikes to heavy supply trucks.
  • Many military vehicles sport additional armament, reconnaisance means and other advantages, e.g. floating or increased fordability.
  • Some vehicles are sparse in the area of operation; if they break, tow them to a repair station.
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles are frequent inhabitants of modern battlefield. You may expect small reconnaisance drones as well as independent fighting machines.


Armored Vehicles

  • Armored vehicles are more scarce, which is counterbalanced by the increased fighting capability and crew survivability.
  • Main battle tanks usually provide additional active protection.
  • The most recent weapon platforms using some of the newly developed arms technology can be expected to appear in the battles.



  • Fire support will be maintained by the self-propelled howitzers, self-propelled multi-launch rocket systems and by mortars, either static or deployed on APCs.
  • Your firepower and tactical possibilities will be extended by the precision-guided ammunition, flares or smoke screen.


Static Weapons

  • Several machineguns and grenade launchers are available to serve as defences. Some of the weapons are based upon the newest research in the arms industry.
  • All the stationary armament can be dismantled and transported by troops or vehicles.
  • Some of the weapon platforms can be remotely controlled or may operate independently. Save your troops for real action by creating automated defences around bases and perimeters.



  • Helicopters come in many types and variants, covering the whole range of attack, combined or transportation roles.
  • Fixed-wing aircraft consist mainly of the ground attack jets. Due to the sparse take-off and landing possibilities, VTOL aircraft will be available.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can provide valuable intel or provide additional fire support. Some are so small they can be deployed on a squad level.


Surface Vessels

  • Small but agile military speedboats are at your disposal. Military vessels are designed for the coastal raids and patrolling, they are usually armed.
  • Also, variety of civilian ships in varying condition may be found along the inhabited coastline of Limnos.



  • Last but not least: embark on a Swimmer Deliver Vehicle and infiltrate the seeming impenetrable defences under the surface of Mediterranean.
  • SDV provides not just the transportat, but also a powerful observation periscope.


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